Saturday, January 28, 2012

St Germain - Tourist (Blue Note - 5251141)

There are some albums or songs who are special to a person. In fact, some people define themselves with them. I'm not going that far anyway, but I have a list of songs which define and collectively create the notion of musical love in me.

Tourist is the favorite album of many people. You don't need to guess why, it's a fabulous album all around. Starting with "Rose Rouge" the album encaptures millions of feelings along it's tracks. It is the pinnacle of Jazzy House and some more. You can never, and I mean never ever get bored of this album. But... Yes I love the album. OK. Yet, I adore, devour, get enriched and enlightened by "Sure Thing".

Not so many songs have this effect on me. The main point is it is extremely simple more like the symphonies of Beethoven. There are surprises, yet you feel like you knew that was coming. There is not a single wasted note. Everything seems where it should be. To be enjoyed fully. Just like life itself. This is life. "Sure Thing" is life. The guitar solos, the notes, the highs and the lows, the gentle strokes, the sudden silences and chaos. I love it.

The album is close to perfect, yet it already enholds perfectness. People try to write songs close to the beauty of the songs on this album all their lives and fail to do so. That is why these albums of beauty, art, love and human ingenuity should be given highest priority in a "What to do before I die" list if there is such a thing.

PS. The video of "Sure Thing" is also beautiful, but cannot do justice to the song itself. Anyway you can just get a view here. I strongly suggest listening on vinyl.

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