Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jimi Hendrix - The Story Of Jimi Hendrix (Babylon Budget - F/6 80065)

I don't think much need to be said about the man in question here. Therefore it is better to skip the chit chat and get on with the real deal. So here it is. This box set of 6 LPs is actually the sum of 3 prereleased collections of Jimi Hendrix's live recordings. The original series was named Jimi Hendrix - Guitar Giants Vol. 1-3 each as double vinyl. They were released via the out of business German Babylon Budget label.

One thing is for certain and that is these records date back to the early days of Hendrix's career. The main point standing out for me to say this is the music style. Most of the box set consists of Rock N Roll with some Blues Rock tracks here and there. Of course there are gigantic solos, but they don't seem to be as accomplished as the ones later in his career. Hendrix seem to be on the verge of being recognized here rather than playing "I can play whatever I want" style. After a little bit of a research, I've found out that these records belong to the dates 1965-1967 and cover either live or studio recordings.

It is important to point out that this doesn't make the set less worth listening. Actually we have all listened what came out of Hendrix in the latter stages and this has been a breather with an insight to where he really came from. For instance he not doing all the vocals for one thing. He lends vocals to god knows who (Maybe Curtis Knight since the dates fit) and concentrates on his guitar. "Don't Accuse Me" is such a track and he plays beautifully in the background showing his true Blues skills alongside. He no doubt gives a clearcut profile of his original beliefs. You can just as well understand that even if he didn't go into Blues Rock and opened new styles for tons of guitarists, he could have been a hell of a Blues guitarist if he stuck by it. However, just to prove me wrong, the next track on the record is "Hush Now" (This one is Record 3 Track 2 since there is another one on Record 5 Track 2 which is much milder, but also has a good solo) and it is oooooone hell of a Hendrix track directly suited to his abilities. His solos are divine if not better. This is pure Hendrix. Even in his later stages, he didn't have many chances to surpass this one. I've no idea if this version of the track was ever released on CD or available somewhere, but if not, search it, find it, devour it. (Hey, I've done the searching for you. You can find another version of the "Hush Now" here with a good insight on those days)

Well well well. There are also some tracks which are extremely familiar to the general listener like the ones which Jimi learned furing his early day visits to UK where he was alredy famous for his talent. These tracks include "Satisfaction", "Day Tripper", "Bright Lights, Big City", "Twist And Shout". There's also a track called "Walkin' The Dog" where Jimi starts and ends the song with the tune which plays while bride is in the walkway of the church. All in all this is a box set which is a pure joy to anyone's ears and have been especially to mine. Oh, before I forget, the sketch of Jimi Hendrix on the cover of the box set is totally artistic.

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