Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dead Can Dance - Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun (4AD - CAD 705)

Dead Can Dance has always been a striking group (Based on a duo) with a very unique voice of it's own. It's not that their chant like neoclassical songs are feeling cozy to the ears of regular bred religious/classical music appreciating societies of ours. It is mainly the way they have adjusted the very intimate relation between simple melodies, a gloomy atmosphere or background music and extremely good vocals.

Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun is their best album to date, but that is for my taste of course. After having an important change within the group, bringing such an album to life is amazing. "Anywhere Out Of The World" is the best track you can imagine to start the album. "Windfall" is effective, yet doesn't come close to the "In The Wake Of Adversity" where Brendan Perry really creates the miracles in vocals with a truly melodramatic music in the back.

Brendan Perry is dominant in terms of vocals on the A side of the album while Lisa Gerrard is on the B side. I don't know if this was specially designed, but it creates that feeling for sure. When Lisa Gerrard starts with a beautifully crafted gazel like piece in "Dawn Of The Iconoclast" it runs through your veins. Then comes the crown of the album "Cantara" which is gothic in essence and divine in performance with being the most uplifting of the album if I can use such a wording. It leaves you totally stunned.

Actually this album marks the change in DCD and their move forward as a result. The following two albums, The Serpent's Egg and Aion have put them on a very good position within the musical world and their style was clearly appreciated accordingly.

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