Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Yardbirds - Remember... The Yardbirds (Starline - SRS 5069)

It is natural to say that of all the Yardbirds vinyls I own, this should have been the last to write about here, but life is not fair. Since I cannot go back and write about everything I own (It's too late now), it is better to write about what I bought recently and listen now.

This album is a compilation of the famous Yardbirds. Sadly enough, Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton tracks are not available on the album even though their names are written on the cover. I can't know if they are really playing since there are no credit details on the back side as well. Maybe they couldn't handle the copyright issues, that I don't know. The album holds two important songs, one by Howlin' Wolf and the other harmonica master Billy Boy Arnold.

The more crucial thing about the album is that it does not fully create or show the real feeling behind the Yardbirds. This is quite frustrating for a person who would meet them for the first time. To be honest, this is the cheapest priced Yardbirds record someone can find on the net and therefore it is somehow dangerous. With this record, Yardbirds look like 2nd class Beatles, while in reality, they are far from it. Just beware, this is Yardbirds alright, but the compilation totally lacks the realism of it.

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