Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill (Ruffhouse/Columbia - C 47889)

Listening to an album which was groundbreaking in it's time is a delicate thing. First of all, it is very hard to isolate from the later music which has developed on it. Another thing is you need to go back to the mindset of that era and try to judge it in those terms. Otherwise a music that was once mentioned as innovating can just be a standard medium quality work that you can just pass by.

Cypress Hill released their first album during a time when I was coming and going between Acid and Metal. Probably most people among my generation (Which is 2nd half 70s) was doing the same. However, then came a time when Cypress Hill blew out like a nuke and everyone was stunned. All clubs and music shops were rocking with "Insane In The Brain". Ok let's not forget another West Coast group, House Of Pain, but still, Cypress Hill was old school and still new and charming and energetic and this and that.

The LP that I bought is the debut self titled album that I really like the most. There are multiple rhythms, sound samples and basses, oh a variety of bass lines. However, the major thing this album achieved is getting up to a more wider audience and mainly including Rock and Alternative music listeners as well. They have literally paved the way for RATM to come in the future years.

When you are listening to the album, you can directly feel that many of the foundations of the music as well as the samples are extremely familiar. This is normal. This album is widely believed to be one of the most copied ones. However, I'm quite sure that you will also feel that this is somehow, someway different. There is nothing like the original. Oh, maybe only a punch hole.

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