Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Om Kalsoum - El Ahaat (Sono Cairo - SC.22 152)

Here is a woman who has been "The Star of the East". She is also called the "Fourth pyramid". She has been an inspiration from such diversified artists like Maria Callas, Bob Dylan, Jah Wobble, and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

It is not enough to explain her greatness that commercial microphones are not capable enough to withstand the strength of her voice. The strength of her vocal chords was extremely diverted to her exceptional command of them with the result being utterly touching and moving pieces of Arab literature being mended into musical structures. Ahmed Rami has been her collaborator in this sense with helping her to perform the poems of Omar Khayyam as well as Ahmet Rami's own poems.

Unfortunately I was unable to find the meaning of El Ahaat. I tried several translators to no good. The song is originally 41 minutes and 55 seconds and divided into two parts to be pressed on vinyl. It is extremely romantic in terms of the performance of Om Kalsoum with strength giving more way to calmness and soothing. It is not hard to imagine her on stage with her famous handkerchief in her hand, standing in front of he orchestra and being applauded by thousands who are witnessing live her monthly Thursday concert for the Egypt radio. Even though it is quite hard to find her recordings, you can still find a way to acquire them one by one (If you are a fan of Om Kalsoum, try Ebay.fr since Americans and British people seem to be a little less interested in her than the French).

I have many of her albums as mp3s and flac, but listening her on vinyl gives the true feeling. This is not something motivational. If you ever lay your hands on one of her records and listen it raw and fresh, you'll get what I'm trying to say.

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