Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Terje Rypdal & David Darling - Eos (ECM - ECM 1263)

Record collecting is an interesting process. When you are buying directly from another collector, seeing you have a sort of similar taste makes you venture into other records that they are selling. This record is one of those. I've neither ever listened to this record before nor heard about it. But I am just one lucky adventurer who found out about it.

Terje Rypdal is an important name in modern Jazz by his own right. He has made several collaborations from which I've heard his name. It was via his album with Jan Garbarek. After listening to him on that record I've fully understood the scope of his talent and pursued him from time to time.

I've first heard about David Darling on this record and what a beautiful surprise it has been. He has done a miraculous job here on his 8 string electric cello. The soundscapes which he structures along the way and the way Rypdal builds on them from his electronic guitar is magnificient. You are listening to it, feeling every note, every pause, every riff and enjoying the total adventure this whole process enfolds.

The record starts with a Stephen Malkmus styled guitar solo and continues with different sceneries that both players improvise on. It is absolutely incredible to listen to it. Full of feeling, nothing left to the listener, but to sit back, enjoy and let all those expressions fulfill your senses. Beware of the solos in "Laser", "Bedtime Story", "Light Years" , and "Adagietto". These can really take you to a million of places and memories where you are least expecting yo go.

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