Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jan Garbarek - Places (ECM - ECM 1-1118)

It was probably 1997 when I first heard about Jan Garbarek from a close friend of mine. We were in university and I was taking my deeper steps into Jazz. Since I was still on elementary basis catching up with the standards, Garbarek showed me the different waters that I could swim in Jazz.

His spacey soundscapes on the saxophone and extremely full of feeling style of play grew onto me as soon as I've finished listening to the first track of Places. It is now an honour to be listening to the very same album on vinyl. Better late than never said one old wise man.

The album is bound to leave you speechless. It can make you cry, love, happy, devoted, lustful, pretty much a million on things. But one of those feelings is certain. It will make you feel something real. Reflections is the opening title of the record and that alone gives the whole feeling of what the record will service. In total there are 4 tracks with three of them being over 10 minutes serenades of the saxophone being supported by the drums of Jack Dejohnette, guitar of Bill Connors and piano of John Taylor. It should also needs to be pointed out that Jack Dejohnette is creating miracles during the whole album and he has a great contribution for this legendary record.

I owe much to Jan Garbarek and this album of his for taking me on a very altruistic journey on Jazz and on my feelings for it. This is an album for everyone who enjoys the standards, but is curious about where it can lead you. And it leads to lots of places.

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