Sunday, October 7, 2012

Les Diaboua De Brazzaville - Congo (SFP - FP7-72503)

As part of my latest fascination with ethnic music, I have also delved into African music and found some gems along with it. This record in question is one of those. It is a sample of Congolese music performed by Les Diaboua De Brazzaville at the Festival Mondial Du Folklore in France. This is a live recording and the enthusiasm of the crowd is totally captured.

The rhythms are violent and powerful with percussion taking over the main stage. Every song has a meaning. The opening track "Benguela" is a fisherman's song while "Gandza" is celebrating circumcision, "Waya-Waya" is a welcoming song for an important member of a friendly family. This is African music. They don't do music for the sake of music. It needs to have a meaning. It should be a part of their expressionism in their daily lives.

The music is highly entertaining. Even though you don't get to see the dancers, you can understand their rapid movements by the reactions from the crowd. This being a live recording really raised the level of sheer enjoying of the music.

I honestly don't know if these festivals are still taking place, but I will surely check it out and if possible, go there to view in person. They should be one hell of an attraction both musically and visually. This record has shown me more than enough to give the desired motivation.

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