Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oren Ambarchi & Joe Talia - Hit And Run (Touch - Tone 45.3)

Oren Ambarchi is a name most of the Experimental and Drone music listeners would know. He is known for his skills in percussion and also for the abstract structures he creates for his works. Joe Talia is a producer with Classical music background, mainly on the Musique Concrete. He has composed several works, but honestly I am not familiar with any of them. This is something that won't continue for long since I already ordered one of his works on LP.

The album "Hit And Run" is made up of the performance of these artists at Cafe Oto. The album was released by Touch Records within their White Label series as a limited edition of 300. I bought it from a store in Germany and am absolutely happy to own one.

The performance is mainly based on improvisations of percussion and guitar by Ambarchi while Talia is busy with scheming the structure. Based on this style of performing, the outcome is actually not only Experimental and Drone, but feels somewhat similar to Jazz Improvisations. Moreover, you can also get a glimpse of Contemporary Classical Music (Not essentially Musique Concrete).

The performance is mainly improvisational and therefore it is safe to say that no other would be the same. That is why having it released is a pleasure. It certainly is not suitable for all tastes, yet I firmly believe that Experimental music can truly be felt and observed in live performances. Just like this one.

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